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Keiko Art International
Nov 8, 2018 5:46AM

The young award winning ceramist Kawabata Kentaro continues to create his unique, characteristically organic form vessels and sculptures in which he embeds small pieces of colored glass. Through the careful control of both the bisque and final firings, the melted glass particles blend with the surface glaze, producing a delicate flow of color not unlike watercolors on paper.

While he continues to develop his vessel forms he is now challenging himself by producing a new“SOOS”series that are created from the clay that is cut off while he forming the pieces. These sculptural pieces are more abstract than his previous works, and the colors much darker. Kawabata’s serious interest in the power of regeneration is expressed by his finger prints that are imprinted on the surface of his works—representing a proof that his pieces are alive.


Keiko Art International