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Keiko Art International
Nov 8, 2018 7:16AM

It has been more than 15 years since Niisato Akio made a sensational debut with his luminescent vessels. In these several years, the porcelain bodies have become thinner, the forms much crisp, and the patterns on the surfaces made by a small electric drill have become much more intricate. Through his endless effort to improve his techniques, these vessels seem to approach perfection.

While his technical achievements have received a lot of attention, we must not forget that Niisato wants to express not only beauty, but also the. relationship between human beings and light—such as the feeling of seeing light filtering through trees in a forest, or a thread of light between clouds. For him these moments are metaphors of hope, inspiration, and the interconnectedness of our exterior and our inner selves; these are the themes he wants to express through his vessels. These personal philosophical concepts are deeply embedded in Niisato’s work.

He continues to develop the colored pieces which he introduced in 2013, and for this on-line exhibition, he has created his first large green vessel.

Keiko Art International