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Keiko Art International
Nov 8, 2018 5:23AM

Takaeuchi Kouzo’s current work began as an accident in 2006. While he was working on his ceramic square tubes he broke one by accident, and was surprised at how much it immediately appealed to him. This instinct was the basis for his future signature series, Modern Remains. Since then, TAKEUCHI has been intentionally breaking the tubes with a hummer to complete his sculptural pieces.

For a period of time while developing his Modern Remains Series Takaeuchi worked on this instinctive appeal to him of the broken pieces. Then a new thought occurred to him. As he describes in his statement, not only is he interested in reflecting the pathos of the repetitive creation and destruction of the physical world throughout human history, but he is also challenging the taboo of selling broken ceramics.

Born in Hyogo Prefecture, where he now lives and works, Takeuchi Kouzo graduated from Osaka University of Art in 2001 with a major in ceramics. Then, he graduated from Tajimi Municipal Ceramic Design Institute in Gifu Prefecture in 2003.


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