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Keiko Art International
Nov 8, 2018 5:18AM

For a while after graduating from Osaka University of Art in 2000, TABUCHI Taro was primarily firing his porcelain sculptures and vessels in a gas kiln at his studio in the countryside of Kagawa Prefecture. Increasingly he was interested in making a significant change—building and firing his work in a wood-fired anagama kiln, which he completed in 2007

After a lengthy period of trial and error, he finally began to get the results he sought—beautiful accidental surface patterns and colorations created by the falling ash, fire and smoke inside the wood-fired kiln.

Among only a few other Japanese ceramic artists, this unique wood-firing of white porcelain is what now distinguishes Tabuchi’s work.

For this first online exhibition of TABUCHI Taro’s work, we have created a brief film that illustrates his processes of throwing, hand building and firing, and on his exhibition page we illustrate five of his most recent works-- two sculptures and three vessel forms.

Keiko Art International