My Highlights from Moving Image New York 2015

Kelani Nichole
Feb 25, 2015 12:00AM

My Selection:

Eric Dyer, Copenhagen Cycles Journey, 2015, at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

Copenhagen Cycles Journey, 2015
Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

I love this psychedelic bike ride through Copenhagen; the movement in the composition is a delight. This piece is a playful work that blends analog animations and digital process, and I see Lorna Mills and Leslie Thornton in this work. Dyer’s technique of producing animation using paper-based kinetic sculptures results in dimensional cinematic compositions that flatten out in abstract moments, achieving an effect akin to internet aesthetic at times.

Mikhail Zheleznikov, Together (“Vmeste”), 2010, at CEC Artslink

Together ("Vmeste"), 2010
CEC Artslink

This “short reflection on lonely dog walking” is representative of what I love about the Moving Image Fair—it invites us to slow down and spend time with narrative form. The honest, simple piece offers a compelling composition of light, sound, and language, welcoming the viewer to meander through a familiar space, from the morning light into the night in a fundamental ritual of connection.

Katia Maciel, Desarvorando [Unfolding Trees], 2006, at Zipper Galeria

This is a meditative piece that eases the viewer into thoughtful consideration of the moving image. The work was produced in 2006—for me, it has strong resonance today when thinking about the browser window’s role in shaping contemporary culture’s hyper-layered perspectives.

Cristina De Miguel, Digestive System, 2014, and Smoking Genie, 2014, at Freight + Volume

These animated GIFs are a playful combination of painting and stop-motion animation. De Miguel’s daily rituals expose—through a series of looped vignettes—the mechanical absurdity of human routine. Her use of a single emoji in the composition anchors the GIF in its cultural context, creating a witty dialog across mediums when paired with her painting’s tactile surface. I’m thrilled to see more artworks in this iconic format being supported in the market. Venues such as this offer a much-needed forum to expose evolving forms of time-based media.

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Kelani Nichole