Subject: | Collaboration Discourse on made in la art practice curatorial concept | Hero Concept

Kellyann Gilson Lyman
Oct 15, 2014 4:08PM


I write to you, as I have been encouraged to find a museum interested in reviewing my art practice. I have been working with art reps in NYC over the last 5 years to pursue art in motion & salon in art. NYC is the best art education for art placement in the public eye. I love following the high line art program development.

I have been producing & curating shows in public spaces (Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Hotels des art SF, Bank of America Calistoga, California Pacific Medical Center, SF & a dozen corporate foyers in SF & NYC (soho & chelsea) & europe for the last decade. My road to entry in showing art is in public spaces.

I am a UCLA graduate in Sociology,| UCSB post baccalaureate Graphic Design & Visual Communications. I audited the Ecole de beaux art de lyon contemporary art practice, as my formal salon education in my art practice. Essentially a designer fascinated by art's capacity in all forms to cultivate culture. Art for all to enjoy. The art world impacts our young & old & spurs intrigue & curiosity. A zest for life as the result of art in it!

 I have sought out locales that would allow a discourse around art & design for a quarter or more, a gratis. I pay the space provider a commission of 25% or gift art projects for the children. I have been able to gain provenance for all my art & design work & continue to study Raucschenberg & Corita Foundation works. I am vested in art education & love articulating art that speaks to a public good via my printmaking & abstract colorist works. Art can change the world.

I would love a colloquium of thought on creative production. Art as a practice, a rubric, to art & design refinement toward innovative advances in art in the public eye.

I just want people to be engaged in art viewing, as I believe it encourages more creative problem solving in life.

In terms of a proposal.  I would love to show case vital cycle show on the road | See beauty in what you do & go thank your everyday hero concept. 100 large to small works, including prints..flags & sculptural play on words in response to raushenberg's & corita's art practice at the made in la hammer museum. The vision is a 100 works of art that speaks to positive reflections on humanity. I love the positive play on words in my art practice & how people respond. The exhibition last night was great fun. Love seeing people smile at that the art & want to bring more friends to see what the works speaks to...peace begins with a smile. love grace gratitude. patience.  

Cheers, Kellyann

Listen to Rauschenberg & Cage speak of the White Paintings.

Kellyann Gilson Lyman