Dante Marion- In A Breathe

Ken Saunders Gallery
Feb 10, 2017 10:06PM

In Dante Marioni’s fifth exhibition at the gallery the artist gives himself over to color and pattern, exploring the bending of his canes of glass into geometric kaleidoscopes.


Yellow in Red Leafs, 2016

Past exhibitions have seen the artist explore color and form. Indeed, the artist’s monochromatic leaps of color blown into shapes of awesome complexity and scale stand as some of the most impressive works created by an American glassblower. The inclusion of a Trio from 2006 in this exhibition is a reminder of just how sophisticated Dante’s vision can be. The large Pitcher is a tour-de-force.

For this exhibition Dante creates works of significant scale seemingly without effort. In several cases color and pattern are explored as many as three times in variously sized forms. Exhibited together these groupings take on a conceptual quality as the optical brilliance of all that pattern plays with and against itself.

Ken Saunders Gallery