KIAF 2016 / ART SEOUL: Lectures & Conversations

Oct 4, 2016 9:02PM

The auditorium stage at KIAF 2016 / ART SEOUL will play host to three sets of lectures and talks designed to explore a variety of topics and provide a forum to inform and educate attendees and facilitate a deeper and more enlightened discussion on the arts.  

For more information on the program and event schedule, visit the official site HERE.

The first set of talks regarding the state of the Asian art markets will be hosted by KIAF 2016 / ART SEOUL itself. Focusing on the guest of honor at this year‟s event, Taiwan, the conferences will invite practicing artists as speakers to discuss new trends in Taiwanese contemporary art. The program will also seek to bring in key players from throughout the Asian art scene to discuss new trends and prospects for art in the Asia-Pacific region as a whole.  

The second major talks, entitled “K-ART CONVERSATION” will be organized by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and hosted by the Korea Arts Management Service. Focusing on the theme of establishing connections between the art market and the greater national economy, this program will be hosted as three separate talks, scheduled to take place on the 12th, 14th, and 15th of October. The program, which will be led by a panel of well-regarded personalities, will look to explore how the creative thinking processes, approaches to problems, and intellectual products created in the world of art can be translated to other industries. The program will also look to explore synergies that can be created through the amalgamation of art and industry.  

The Korean Art Appraisal Association will lead the last set of talks, a seminar on the market value appraisal of art. This program will evaluate the general financial climate of economies on a regional and global scale, while also delving deeply and exploring prevailing economic trends in art markets in particular. Through a systematic process utilizing great depth of information, attendees will leave this program with a greater understanding of the economic pressures felt not just in local art markets, but those influencing markets worldwide.  

The Featured Lecture Series at this year's KIAF 2016 / ART SEOUL will continue to spark new energy into the event and help solidify KIAF / ART SEOUL's place as a premiere international art festival.