KIAF Art Seoul 2018 Program

KIAF Art Seoul
Sep 24, 2018 8:00PM

Special Exhibitions

Directed by Sunjung KIM, Gwangju Biennale presents ARTIST PROJECT, showcasing works by four artists participating in this year’s biennale. Given Gwangju Biennale’s historical significance and its presence in the international art scene, the special collaboration with KIAF provides a unique intersection with discussions around contemporary art and the art market. Featuring installation artworks by Lais Myrrha (Brazil), Mark Salvatus (Philippines), Ayoung Kim (Korea), and Sunghong Min (Korea) the special exhibition showcases new works that are porous in the ways they engage with history and each cultural context.

레이스 마이라 Lais Myrrha

Lais Myrrha’s installation crosses cultural borders by incorporating Korean modernist architecture with forms of Brazilian tombs.

Lais Myrrha, Double Standard 2016 Compacted soil, wood, bamboo and palm fiber / Concrete, metal, brick, mortar, wood, roof tile, PVC tubes, conduits, wires and glass, 800(h) x 290 x 290cm

마크 살바투스 Mark Salvatus

Mark Salvatus will develop work questioning the relationship between urbanization and socioeconomic status.

Mark Salvatus, Claws, 2016 Wooden tables, books, catnip, Dimensions variable

민성홍Sunghong Min

Min Sunghong has been working on the relation between one individual and another, and between an individual and an environment. He shows that individual identity can be abstractly constructed through recombination of objects. His works represent lives alienated by institution and gigantic systems and function as a medium that fuels introspection against conventional thinking.

Sunghong Min, Overlapped Sensibility, 2016, collected objet, ceramic, paper. color on wood, wheel, light, 220(h)X70X240cm

김아영 Ayoung Kim

Ayoung Kim will present a video and an installation work, ‘Porosity Valley’, ‘Portable Holes’ that centers around the concepts of “migration” and “porousness”.

Ayoung Kim, Porosity Valley, Portable Holes, 2-Channel Video Installation, Approx. 19min and 2min,2017, 2018Commissioned by Melbourne Festival, AustraliaCo-produced by CAC Brétigny, France and Ilmin Museum of Art, KoreaSupported by Arts Council Korea

KIAF Art Seoul