Lincoln Townley's Hell

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Dec 19, 2017 4:58PM

Lincoln Townley's Hell Collection is due to open soon in Paris. This selection of works is particularly important to the artist as it explores the obstacles he overcame during the past five years, since he decided to turn his passion for art into a full time career.

Townley's Hell is about "what we go through to become successful" and is entirely inspired by his own experiences. Experiences made of rejections from galleries and art establishments, piling up to a total of 93 NO's before someone showed genuine interest in his work. Townley's career started with that first yes, and has continued to grow stronger ever since; allowing him to produce his own art independently, as well as granting him the chance to give back to the community and inspire young artists, with social initiatives such as the Lincoln Townley Scholarship, part of the Access For All Campaign in LA.

Because of his own personal journey, Townley takes particular interest in guiding others towards the path of success; weather that be via the messages he sends out through his art, or the work he has produced for charity auctions such as Football For Peace.

In the short film (above), Lincoln walks his collectors through the process behind his Hell Collection, offering a window into his creativity by revealing what this collection truly means to him and why it's worth investing in.

Lincoln Townley, BFTA LA, 2017

Lincoln Townley in his studio,  2017

Klein Editions