A thousand WATERSCAPE, a new insight

Korean Artist Project
Nov 24, 2016 8:37AM

                                Chang-Ae Song's Solo Exhibition

  Artist Song Changae has a tie with Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art as she was selected as a resident artist in the 8th Youngeun Artist-in Residency in 2013; she is currently a permanent artist in Youngeun Residency (Youngeun Artist Family Program). 

Waterscape_Water Flower 1615, 2016, Blue pigment powder & water-drawing on mulberry paper, 122 x 122cm

  The common subject that embraces everything-the artist’s major subject matter and technique as well as the compressed meaning in her works-is ‘water’. ‘Water’ includes everything that the artist wants to express in a metaphorical way, and the thing symbolizes all mediums that she feels and gazes upon whether or not they exist in this world.

MæSS_Mulgyul 1212, 2012, Graphite, water-drawing on mulberry paper, 130x130cm

  Through Song Changae's style of expression of ‘water’, the life and death and the light and darkness that exist in this world are endlessly ruminated. Like light exists because of darkness and the darkness exists inside the light, numerous existences all over the world can be seen and felt through contrasting presences. As such, the artist wants to endlessly show, not irregularity nor unspecificity, but the crystallization of her unique frequency and wave; viewers can metaphorically contemplate about human being’s ontological agony and insight about life.

  As part of the 2016 KAP Exhibition Group Project, she newly showcases her installation and video work which are an expansion of her previous two-dimensional work. While she had been centering on showing the artist’s personal and inner world in her previous two-dimensional work, recently she is questioning the significance of the direct and indirect correlationship among the social-relational environments that reflect issues in our society(Seawol ferry sinking disaster, 2014). In the end, through the use of an artwork as a medium, we can catch the artist’s strong intention to communicate with more people.

  I look forward to her symbolism in 'water' and expressive basic methods that she will continuously show us in her forthcoming works, and hope that she will open up a fresh horizon in the relationship between individual and individual, individual and others, as well as individual and society.

 Curated by  Lee Ji Min(Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art)

Chang-Ae Song is one of the participants of  Korean Artist Project, an online platform promoting Korean art.    

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