Chung, Hyun's Solo Exhibition

Korean Artist Project
Oct 14, 2016 8:57AM

                                  Chung, Hyun's Solo ehxibition

  Chung, Hyun has consistently examined the ‘human’ through sculpture. By the 2000’s, his interest has been expanded to life. He presents a multi-layer appearance of the inside by simplifying the shape of the human body and discusses about life by using a rough, solid material.

Untitled, 2002, Railroad tie, 250 x 160 x 160cm

  He doesn’t give the excessive modification on the material. Chung pays deep regard to the natural characteristics of each material and sometimes the materials motivate him for his practice. The abandoned or disused materials such as railroad tie(枕木), coal, asphalt concrete, rubble are his central materials for exploring and revealing attributes of human-being.

Untitled, 2014, Coal tar on Paper, 109.5 x 78.5cm

  The exhibition shows the significant railroad tie sculptures and drawings together. The railroad tie is the large solid wood, which laid down the train sustained railroad rails. It is absorbing accumulated time and burdensome pressure from the innumerable traffic of trains. This timber had been cleaved, broken into pieces, and reunited as another figures by Chung, Hyun. Concurrently the sculptures correspond with his drawings. Drawing is an important part of his oeuvres, as interacting and inspiring each ways, extend and add depth in to his practice.

Curated by  Hyejung Jang(Kumho Museum of Art)

Chung, Hyun is one of the participants of  Korean Artist Project, an online platform promoting Korean art.  

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