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Korean Artist Project
Oct 15, 2015 8:54AM

                                  Han Sungpil's solo exhibition  

  Han Sungpil’s façade project casts a question over reality and representation by printing out the exterior of a building on a huge screen or a wall before installing them. The artist has created a number of works while traveling across Korea, pursuing his project at Namhansanseong Fortress, Changgyeonggung Palace, and the DMZ as well as a variety of countries in Europe, the U.S. and Cuba. 

History fo the Berlin Palace, 2010 Chromogenic print, 178x250cm      

  He photographed the outer wall of a building with a fresco and created an illusion, or attached a life-size print of the building’s exterior or a protection screen for a construction site, thereby questioning the nature of simulation and reality. 

Tandem Sequence, 2011 Archival pigment print, 187x248cm        

  Han’s works were a mega project at the moment of production, which was carried out in a massive scale with a strong momentum, yet they left only traces at the scene after the project was over. The final form of the artworks is a printed image of the front view of the site. 

  This exhibition displays 14 major works selected from the Façade Project. In addition, the processes of installations at the DMZ in 2015, Namhansanseong Fortress in 2011, and Gonggan-Saok in 2009 are to be screened along with the 'Ground Cloud' and 'My Sea' series filmed at the pole, all of which reveal the artist’s eye, capturing the points where imagination is like reality, or where reality is like the unreal.       

Curated by Choi Jae hyeok (Savina Museum of Contemporary Art)  

Han Sungpil is one of the participants of  Korean Artist Project, an online platform promoting Korean art.  

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