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Korean Artist Project
Oct 15, 2015 8:55AM

                                Byoungho Kim's solo exhibition  

  Artist Byoungho Kim has been continued his unique world of artworks, which is modularized scuplture and installation through the process of industrialization. Especially he has a huge interested in invisible being, such as movement of light, energy, wavelength and represented the artworks with human life and social structure.       

Triangular Garden, 2014 Powder coating on aluminum, piezo, arduino, 110x780x116(h)cm        

  His overwhelming artworks, that floating among dark and light space, release the energy in silence. He catches the side of object and phenomenon through metal sculptures like we can see from ‘Aero-interface(2012)’ that is composed with hundreds of pipes that draw viewers attention and overwhelms the space, ‘Active Layer(2014)’ that randomly pauses the 3D printer in order to print portion of bird body and places between mirrors, to ‘Garden(2015)’ that paints the aluminum bar with the familiar colors from exist playground or garden and ramdomly extracts, assembles, arranges them so that viewers can visualize the scene of garden. 

Garden_01, 2013 Aluminum, steel, powder coating, 750x250x280(h)cm        

  Garden is the collective space that represents the one social, culture of life and art. His garden is composed with elements that are essential in human life and visually represented the process of modulization of those elements. Also, he mentions each individual is only one portion of world that is extremely modulized, not speical being. He reflects the contemporary social structure by focusing the social function that art contains and highlighting the harmony between attention and meditation on social and political aspect.     

Curated by Kang Jung-ha (POSCO Art Museum)    

Byoungho Kim is one of the participants of  Korean Artist Project, an online platform promoting Korean art.   

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