Korean Artist Project
Oct 15, 2015 8:55AM

                                  Beak Jungki's solo exhibition  

  Beak Jungki is a truth-seeker who has explored the nature of the world through an appropriation of forms from many types of visual art such as photography, video, and installation. Traversing the fields of both shamanism and science and approaching the concealed truth of phenomena, his work is a spiritual ritual embracing people’s minds as well as a systematic, analytical process of engineering.  

Untitled: Vaseline Helmet and Gloves, 2007 C-Printed, 127x85cm        

  In the works 'Pray for Rain' on display at the exhibition, he takes note of the circularity of rain or water as the source of life. In his work, Vaseline is used to cure clefts on a barren land by enabling its rough skin to hold moisture. Vaseline, a petrochemical extract with the property of keeping moisture allows things that cannot mix like oil and water to coexist. Like its ambivalence that is likely to be confrontational yet help protect cuts and burns, there is an intricate, multi-layered world that cannot be understood with only socially accepted notions.    

  As a shaman reads a revelation of God from the constellations, artists have undertaken the task of explicating the order concealed in the world. Beak has actualized this in a hybrid, experimental fashion, transcending the boundaries of different arenas and cultures.       

Curated by Sora Kim (OCI Museum of Art)  

Beak Jungki is one of the participants of  Korean Artist Project, an online platform promoting Korean art.    

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