Things You Don't Care But I Do

Korean Artist Project
Oct 15, 2015 8:56AM

                                Sangwoo Kang’s solo exhibition    

Ill Zeeman, 2009 Pen on Paper Clay, 29x19x26cm  

Stories Hovering around Us

 Sangwoo Kang’s work originates from the memories of his childhood. Born in 1977, Kang spent his childhood with Disney animations, cartoons, and advertisements, and now the artist interprets the culture absorbed from TV in a unique and witty manner, based on his own memories. 

Rain Brings Misery, 2009 Pen on Acrylic, 50x70cm        

 For example, his work 'Rain Brings Misery' embodies the tragic love in 'Fearful Baseball Team', a cartoon series first published in 1982, while his work 'Sleeping Beauty' expresses the fear he felt in his childhood from the stereoscopic depiction of the Disney animation 'Sleeping Beauty'. 

Tori Janggun: Piece in The 21st Century, 2014 Poster Color on Paper · Vinyl, Variable size        

   'Child Psychology in Pictures' portrays a combination of visual effects found in classic movies and images in the artist’s dreams, and the 'Tori Janggun– The 3rd Tunnel' project adapted and recast the characters in anticommunist cartoons published in 1978.        

Magic Cape, 2014 Color Charcoal on Air-Dry Dtone Clay, 10x75x65cm        

  Kang depicts his fear, trauma, and illusions experienced through media like TV and cartoons, which he had no choice but to accept during his childhood. But this may not be only his personal imagination. This exhibition will give the audience an opportunity to think about the environment and sentiment of 1980s-era Korea and our little selves indiscriminately exposed to media, through the stories of the artist who wanders, observes his memories, and reflects them on his works.   

 Curated by Choi Jae hyeok (Savina Museum of Contemporary Art)  

Korean Artist Project