My Highlights from The Salon: Art + Design

Kristen McGinnis
Nov 7, 2014 11:32PM

My Selection:

Niamh BarryCounterpoise, 2014, at Todd Merrill Studio

Counterpoise, 2014
Todd Merrill Studio

Not only do I love the sculptural quality of this chandelier, but the sheer scale is mind blowing.

Junko MoriPropagation Project; Windy Leaf, 2014, at Adrian Sassoon

I first saw this artist’s work in Paris several years ago and have been following her ever since.

Jean-Michel FrankDesk and Chair, ca. 1930, at Galerie L'Arc en Seine

Timelessness and elegance by a design legend.

Isamu Noguchi“Cactus Wind”, 1982, at DeLorenzo Gallery

"Cactus Wind", 1982
DeLorenzo Gallery

Sheer poetry.

Line Vautrin“Sequins” mirror, ca. 1960, at Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

I have collected the work of Line Vautrin for many years and continued to be dazzled by each new piece that I see.

Ingrid DonatCommode aux 5 Engrenages, 2013, at Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Commode aux 5 Engrenages, 2013
Carpenters Workshop Gallery

The detailing on this piece must be seen to be believed.

John ChamberlainVivid Takfeta Titter, 1996, at Wexler Gallery

A slice of heaven by one of my favorite artists.

Arne NorellArmchair, 1940s, at Modernity

Armchair, 1940s

I love the gestural shape of this chair.

AMMA StudioD-1 Table, 2014, at DeLorenzo Gallery

D-1 Table, 2014
DeLorenzo Gallery

Fernando and Sam have created an innovative and unique body of work in a remarkably short amount of time. Their use of materials is sublime.

Kristen McGinnis