2017 Kukje Gallery Upcoming Exhibitions

Kukje Gallery
Dec 21, 2016 5:57AM

Kukje Gallery will begin the new year with a solo exhibition showcasing Ahn Kyuchul, whose work is characterized by its unique conceptual and introspective qualities. In March, Kukje Gallery is pleased to present Kwon Young-Woo’s second solo exhibition at the gallery, concurrent with a retrospective, archival presentation of his work as part of Art Basel Hong Kong’s new Kabinett sector. In May, a new body of work by Park Chan-kyong will be showcased. Park is well known as an innovative film director and artist, as well as writer and curator whose work deftly explores cultural idioms. The latter half of the year will feature Michael Joo, Joris Laarman, and Paul McCarthy. Paul McCarthy’s show is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to his widely celebrated exhibition that inaugurated Kukje Gallery’s K3 space in 2012.


Kukje Gallery is also proud to present a major Dansaekhwa exhibition in Shanghai in September 2017, which follows the international success of the 2015 Venice Biennale Collateral Event and the 2016 Boghossian Foundation exhibition in Belgium. Organized by the Yuz Museum, this comprehensive survey will feature works by Park Seo-Bo, Kwon Young-Woo, Kim Whanki, Lee Ufan, Chung Sang-Hwa, Chung Chang-Sup, and Ha Chong-Hyun. The exhibition aims to foster a rigorous intellectual discourse in mainland China around this important historical movement and further promote an in-depth study of Korean modern and contemporary art in Asia.

Ahn Kyuchul (Korean, b. 1955)

21 February – 31 March 2017 ㅣ K1

Kukje Gallery will begin the new year with a solo exhibition of work by Ahn Kyuchul, an artist described as a “thoughtful sculptor” and “linguist of objects.” In the 1980s, Ahn was a journalist for several Korean publications. His background in writing led to an objective perspective on Korean art and culture that informs his critical views of society, while retaining a delicacy in his artistic practice. In 2015, Ahn successfully held a widely acclaimed solo exhibition, Invisible Land of Love, at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Seoul. The exhibition was sponsored by The Hyundai Motor Series as part of its project to support leading Korean artists, and Ahn Kyuchul was the second artist selected for this sponsorship.     

Kwon Young-Woo (Korean, 1926-2013)

March 2017 ㅣ K2

Kukje Gallery presents Kwon Young-Woo’s second solo exhibition at the gallery following his inaugural show in 2015. The exhibition will showcase the artist’s early figurative works using Korean ink, as well as his hanji works made during the 1970s and the 1980s. Kwon’s practice and the evolution of his style will be examined in a historical context as part of the Kabinett sector at Art Basel Hong Kong, which will take place concurrently with the gallery exhibition. The Kabinett sector, premiering at Art Basel Hong, will focus on historical exhibitions within a curatorial framework. Kwon’s artworks and archival materials, including catalogs and exhibition leaflets, will be displayed allowing for a thorough understanding of his artistic practice. 

Park Chan-kyong (Korean, b. 1965)

May 2017  l  K2

Following his highly celebrated solo exhibition at Tina Kim Gallery in New York in 2016, Park Chan-kyong will unveil his first solo exhibition at Kukje Gallery in May. As a multidisciplinary mixed-media artist, curator, critic, and filmmaker, Park explores complex socio-political themes including the Cold War, Korean War ideologies, and traditional religious culture in Korea. Some of his primary subjects include “memories reflected through the media” and “restructuring history.” For the exhibition at Kukje Gallery, Park will feature new videos, drawings, and installations along with Citizen’s Forest (2016), a work that premiered at the 2016 Taipei Biennial.

Paul McCarthy (American, b. 1945)

September 2017 | K3

Paul McCarthy will hold his second solo exhibition at Kukje Gallery in September 2017 following his first exhibition, nine dwarves (the inaugural exhibition of Kukje Gallery’s K3 space) in 2012. Over the past 40 years, McCarthy’s prolific studio practice has confronted the archetype of the “American Dream.” Using a diverse range of mediums, McCarthy’s work challenges the symbols of idealized popular culture, skewering the banal idioms and the desires promoted by Hollywood and Disney. Using both humor and satire, the artist continues to highlight the power of consumerism and critique the media’s influence on American society.

Michael Joo (American, b. 1966)

November 2017 ㅣ K1, K3

In the second half of 2017, Kukje Gallery will hold a solo exhibition of new work by Korean American artist Michael Joo. Joo’s work explores identity based both on his own cross-cultural experience growing up in America  as well as his avid interest in biology—a subject the artist studied in university and continues to research as part of his diverse practice. Joo’s multi-media work explores the physical nature of human beings, investigating the myriad systems that constitute life including the concept of energy and its many incarnations in our circulatory systems. His art poignantly frames these essential elements as filtered through scientific methods and material study.    

Joris Laarman (Dutch, b. 1979)

December 2017 ㅣ K2

The Dutch designer Joris Laarman will hold his second solo exhibition at Kukje Gallery after his first in 2012. Laarman’s innovative design has won international accolades, and is widely celebrated for its sleek, futuristic aesthetic. Laarman is well-known for his Bone Chair design, and many of his works have been acquired by international institutions such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Centre Pompidou. Joris Laarman Lab recently launched a technology startup, MX3D, that utilizes groundbreaking technology in multi-axis 3-D printing. The designer and his lab are currently developing the “hyperloop,” a new mode of transportation, in collaboration with Tim Houter, a graduate of the Delft University of Technology. 

Kwon Young-Woo, Kim Whanki, Park Seo-Bo, Lee Ufan, Chung Sang-Hwa, Chung Chang-Sup, Ha Chong-Hyun (tentative)

September 2017 ㅣ Yuz Museum, Shanghai

Shanghai’s Yuz Museum, widely acknowledged as one of the most influential art institutions in China, has organized a comprehensive survey of Dansaekhwa in a bid to introduce Korean art to Chinese audiences. The museum continues to elevate its status by actively building an extensive collection of not only Asian art, but also works of international masters, while boasting a program of high-quality, academically significant exhibitions. The Dansaekhwa exhibition will serve as a cornerstone of this ambitious programming, helping to build a robust liberal arts dialogue between China and Korea and expand an understanding of the arts both within China and throughout Asia.

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