Rose English: The Eros of Understanding (19 September 2014 - 1 January 2015)

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Sep 24, 2014 11:52AM

The British artist Rose English (b. 1950) began her work as an artist in an age where cross-pollination between different artistic disciplines was neither widely known nor encouraged. As a student she found herself expelled from two art academies for working with performance art, which was regarded as the specific province of theatre. However, a general blurring of categories had already been set in motion, and in 1973 English graduated from the rather more progressive Fine Art Department of Leeds Polytechnic, which gave her the opportunity to create performance art and to cut across established artistic categories.

The exhibition is curated by Stine Hebert.

The exhibition is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansens Foundation and Richard Saltoun & Karsten Schubert, London.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg