The LA Art Show Launches DESIGN LA ART to Celebrate the Harmony and Intersection of Furniture, Decor, Architecture & Fine Art

LA Art Show
Nov 16, 2017 9:00PM

November 16, 2017 | Los Angeles, CA – For over 20 years, the LA Art Show has created a unique showcase of world-class artists and exhibitors, drawing discerning collectors from around the globe. In January 2018, the LA Art Show is expanding these offerings with the launch of DESIGN LA ART, a designated area for exhibitors of modern furniture, accent decor, architectural objects and jewelry. The exhibitions in DESIGN LA ART will be displayed in a series of circular, open-area vignette spaces to highlight the increasing intersections of the fine art and design worlds.

In honor of DESIGN LA ART’s inaugural presence, complimentary access to the fair will be extended to members of the Los Angeles design community on Thursday, January 11. That day’s DIALOG LA programming will be dedicated to panel discussions about the overlap and fusion of art and design. Tours hosted by today’s leading design professionals will guide patrons through the exhibits.

The centerpiece of DESIGN LA ART will be the work of Korean artist Lee Jae-Hyo, world-renown for his immaculately formed, intricate sculptures that perfectly fuse the aesthetics and craft of fine art with the functionality of benches, stools, tables and various architectural objects. His work will also be on view at the Simyo Gallery booth.

“Los Angeles has emerged as a major destination for the arts,” explains LA Art Show producer and partner Kim Martindale. “With DESIGN LA ART, we are honoring the city’s already rich history in the realms of design and architecture, as well as presenting forward-looking programming about the growing fusion of these two disciplines. Every aspect of this space has been created to provide context on how art and design intersect.

Gallery and exhibitor submissions are currently being accepted. For more information please contact [email protected] or call 310.822.9145.

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