Latitude Art Fair Advisor Picks: Camila Yunes

Latitude Art Fair
Sep 23, 2020 4:10pm
About Camila
Kura’s founder, Camila, studied architecture at Mackenzie University (São Paulo, Brazil) and Paris Val de Seine’s Graduate School Ecole Nationale d’Architecture. Furthermore, she attended Sotheby’s courses in Contemporary Art and Its Market, How the Art World Works and Foundations in History of Art. Camila worked with sales & liaisons at Continua Gallery and on the production team at Aveline Gallery. She is currently a VIP Representative for ARCO Madrid and Lisbon, and co founded GoART Art Advising from 2015 to 2018.
The Selection
With the invitation of the Latitude Project, Camila Yunes Guarita (founder of the art consultancy Kura Arte), made a selection of the works that will be on display at the Latitude Art Fair.The selection counts with works by established and emerging artists, forming a set of works in different languages that complement each other in the composition of the contemporary artistic scene. Whether by the support or by the materials used, the artists comment on aspects intrinsic to Brazilian cultural and social experiences
Wrong Drawing
Laura LimaWrong Drawing, 2071. Galeria Luisa Strina