Latitude Art Fair Advisor Picks: Fernando Mota

Latitude Art Fair
Sep 23, 2020 8:39PM

About Fernando:

Holds an MA in Contemporary Art (Sotheby's Institute of Art, London), works with artists, institutions, galleries, collectors, auction houses and art fairs since 2009.

Wrote critical texts on several artists, such as: Paulo Climachauska, Sandra Cinto, Tatiana Blass and others; worked in New York, London and Latin America, mainly on art fairs and writing texts for exhibition catalogues, including “7SP-Seven Artists from Sao Paulo” - CAB Art Center (Brussels, 2012). Also worked as visitor assistant in the Natural History Museum and in the commercial and institutional areas of the following galleries: AC Gallery, Sprovieri, Casa Triângulo and Bergamin & Gomide

Nowadays works both as a private consultant and as a curator/exhibition author; recent shows include Ficaremos Bem (?) (Galeria Marilia Razuk, Sao Paulo, 2019), Corpo Poético/Político (Portas Vilaseca Galeria, Rio de Janeiro, 2020) and the upcoming Marcone Moreira - Conjunção (Bergamin & Gomide, Sao Paulo, 2020). Also collaborates with independent projects like Culturekids (Sao Paulo, 2019), Modernos Eternos (Sao Paulo, 2019) and Projeto Edícula (Sao Paulo, 2019-).

The Selection:

The following selection has focused on works from the 21st Century and has privileged artists from my own generation (with few exceptions)

Alexandre Wagner
Untitled, 2020
Galeria Marília Razuk
Ana Mazzei
Platão, 2018
Galeria Jaqueline Martins
André Ricardo
Ship and wagon, 2020
Galeria Estação
Antonio Malta Campos
Rosto Vermelho, 2009
Simões de Assis
She falls into the milk, 2019
Galeria Millan
Vânia Mignone
Sem Título [Untitled], 2020
Casa Triângulo
Thomaz Rosa
Faca de Corte (Cutting Knife), 2019
Bergamin & Gomide
Latitude Art Fair