Latitude takes you there! (Part 1)

Latitude Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad
Sep 6, 2013 11:19AM

A look around the Brazilian galleries at Art Rio from Latitude: Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad

After spending a few days at ArtRio, we can confirm that the work on show in the fair rivals the vibrant city and breath-taking landscape around it. For those who can’t see it for themselves, Latitude brings you a closer look at the booths of the Brazilian galleries on show, some hidden corners and highlights of work that can be seen on


The black fabric laying on floor of Progetti gallery's booth is actually a Boitatá costume, part of a performance conceived by Italian artist Zoé Gruni. Boitatá is a legendary character in Brazil's mythology and Zoé Gruni’s recent show at the this Rio-based gallery took its title from it. 

Baró Galeria

At Baró Galeria's corner booth, you can find a constantly evolving art work. An installation entitled Conversion Machine: Buble Bank proposes a system in which the audience is invited to buy an action/work during the fair which automatically raises value of the installation, mirroring the systems of the art market.

Galeria Laura Marsiaj

Russian artist Oleg Dou represented by Galeria Laura Marsiaj only left Rio a few days ago. As a photographer, he was a guest of the Ministry of External Relations to come to Brazil create work and engage with the local scene. It was a great opportunity for the gallerist to spend more time with him and it created a new opportunity for exchange between Brazil and Russia as the artist currently lives and works in Moscow. Dou is well recognized for the often strange-looking portraits he produces. The gallery is showing two pieces of his work on their booth at the fair.

Some insights from ArtRio will be published shortly by Latitude's team on theg ground. For more information on the galleries featured here visit

Latitude Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad