Latitude's tour of the Brazilian Galleries at ARCOmadrid 2014.

Latitude Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad
Feb 21, 2014 5:24PM

Not able to go to ARCOmadrid this year? Don’t worry as Latitude will be your guide around the amazing Brazilian art on show at the fair.

Firslty, on the Mendes Wood DM stand, two main works are shown. One is a room in which Paulo Nazareth’s videos are displayed. Nazareth exhibited in the 55th Biennale di Venezia, in 2013. Three videos that are exhibited simultaneously each day and the selection of the videos changes every day. Mendes Wood DM have exhibited Paulo Nazareth works at art fairs since 2011, when he first displayed Art Market / Banana Market.  The British artist Michael Dean is another highlight of the stand. Dean had an individual exhibition in August, a premiere of Mendes Wood’s third exhibition space.

Galeria Pilar and Galeria Marcelo Guarnieri are the galleries featuring in our 2014 Incubator Project as their debut on the European art market at ARCOmadrid 2014. In the very first hours of ARCOmadrid 2014 Galeria Pilar sold two works by Fabio Flaks. Marcelo Guarnieri has also been visited by collectors and curators and lots have shown interest in Rogério Degaki’s works.

In additions, many works by artists represented by Latitude galleries are nominated for the Illy Sustain Art prize, among them the kinetic artwork Isso não é uma lâmpada by Claudi Alvarez, an artist represented by Ybakatu Espaço de Arte. The gallery made the best use of their booth showing works by 10 different artists.

Among artworks shown by SIM Galeria, is a homage to Madrid in Isidro Blasco’s multidimensional work Madrid Planet.The gallery brought 4 artists and made an interesting transition between their works, going from Blasco’s tridimensional compositions through to Katinka Pilscheur’s photographs, Tony Camargo’s mixtures between photography and solid colors to Romy Pocztaruk’s pure chromatists.

Baró Galeria took the chance at the fair to expose a great number of its represented artists. Among them, David Medalla with his work that was shown at the latest Bienal do Mercosul, in Porto Alegre.

Luciana Brito Galeria have brought heavyweight artist to the fair this year. The booth was clearly divided between Caio Reisewitz’s technically perfect photographs and collages and Hector Zamora’s document videos of his choreographic performance ‘Inconstância Material’, in which construction workers throw bricks to each other in last year’s Istanbul Biennial. The related objects –bricks and hard helmets- are exhibited by the video, as well as a big wall installation of bricks in a geometric organization.

Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte has brought two artists: Otávio Schipper’s compositions in copper and Carla Guagliardi’s watercolor and wall sculpture. In this case, both artists’ works mix together, making it impossible for the viewer to see them apart. Geometry, lightness and colour playing in harmony.

Jaqueline Martins Galeria exhibits a video wall by Rafael França. The gallery premiered an exhibition by the artist deceased in 1991 and pioneer of Brazilian video art on February 11th. MAC-USP, the Museum of Contemporary Art of the São Paulo University, opens on the next 15th a permanent exhibition in homage to Rafael.

Casa Triângulo shows a wide range of represented artists, among them Joana Vasconcelos, who exhibited at the last Venice Biennial and is currently presenting an exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery, with an organic and visceral language. The gallery is also showing geometric and precise works such as Reginaldo Pereira’s wooden compositions and Manuela Ribadernera’s incisions.

Artist Lucas Simões expanded the space of Emma Thomas’ booth with his architectural installation. Besides this big site-specific labyrinth, the artist brought two other groups of objects after spending the months prior to the fair in Madrid so he could produce his work.

And finally, Vermelho has a linear booth with smooth and coherent transitions between works. Highlights include Mauricio Ianês’ flags, Marcelo Cidade’s prints of subway logos from all around the world and Odires Mlaszhó’s works. 

Latitude Platform for Brazilian Art Galleries Abroad