My Highlights from Art Basel in Miami Beach 2014

Laurie Ziegler
Nov 24, 2014 7:55PM

The exercise of looking at what galleries have included in their Art Basel in Miami Beach booths has been exceptionally helpful, not only in seeing work by artists I am aware of, collect, and admire but also in finding work by new artists from other parts of the world that I am now looking forward to seeing in person next week. My own collection mainly focuses on emerging artists, and having been involved with The Mistake Room for over a year and having travelled a bit with its director, Cesar Garcia, I have been paying more and more attention to international artists, some of whom have yet to show in Los Angeles or even the U.S.

My Selection: 

Ana Prata, Economy, 2014, at Galeria Millan     

I chose Brazilian artist Ana Prata because this painting is simple and beautiful, the colors soft and feminine.

Robert Longo, Study of Ferguson Police, Aug. 13, 2014 (Detail No. 2), 2014, at Petzel Gallery        

I chose this Robert Longo drawing because I couldn’t stop thinking about it after first glance. The blur drew me into the drawing, and had me thinking about it for hours after.

Gregor Hildebrandtda blüht der Flieder (wenn es Mai ist) (Konstantin Wecker), at Wentrup

I already collect Gregor Hildebrandt. His use of cassette tape in his paintings keeps evolving and continues to be more and more beautiful.

Alicja Kwade, Wandel durch Inhalt (Die Funktion des Unbewussten/ hermetische Symbolik), 2014, at Johann König

I recently learned of Alicja Kwade through 303 Gallery. I’m drawn to her use of everyday objects in sculptural form.

Jose DavilaEsfuerzo común, 2014, at Galería OMR

I first encountered Jose Davila’s work earlier in the year. I am a big fan of his cutouts, and I’m constantly mesmerized by his sculptures. This one in particular seems to defy gravity with all the elements at play, both supporting and in conflict with each other, all held together by the straps and the rock in the middle.

Leandro Erlich, Sailboat and reflection, 2014, at Ruth Benzacar Galería de Arte

The illusory nature of Leandro Erlich’s piece pulls me in and has me wanting to know more. What is up, is down, down is up… is it a reflection on the water or a reality? I like when art has me asking questions, whether intentional or not.

Liam Everett, Untitled (Prekmurje), 2014, at Altman Siegel 

I first saw Liam Everett’s paintings last year at Altman Siegel and find them layered and hauntingly beautiful.

Christian Jankowski, Night Lamps, 2014, at Proyectos Monclova  

Christian Jankowski’s Night Lamps is a choice because I am a fan of installations that set a mood and create an experience.

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Laurie Ziegler