Chloe Early and Andrew Telling present Suspended

Apr 1, 2014 11:47AM

To coincide with the unveiling of Chloe Early's debut exhibition, Suspended, the new contemporary artist has joined forces with filmmaker Andrew Telling in a meditative short film collaboration.

It is the state of ecstasy, both spiritual and otherwise, that Early examines in Suspended. The inquisitive young painter was compelled by “the role of wonder and rapture in art,” and equally a lack of it in contemporary society: “In Renaissance times wonder and rapture were expressed through the worship of God and depicting religious imagery,” she says, “What do we worship these days? I decided that in these works I want to transcend all the background noise and elevate my figures out of the mundane and into a more celestial space, suspending them there for the viewer and for myself.” 

The pensive short effortlessly merges exclusive behind the scenes footage of the artist’s studio alongside fleeting bodies and romantic paint washes. Drawing on themes of weightlessness and gravity at the essence of Early’s new work, Telling manages to transport the viewer to an otherworldly space with ethereal tones and subtle hues in his refined signature style. Alongside an original soundtrack by Lucinda Chua the contemplative cinematic extract provides a welcome third dimension to Early's new work and marks a long-awaited transition into the spring season.

Suspended will be screened at The Outsiders London throughout the duration of the exhibition, from Friday 4th April until 3rd May.

Images courtesy of Andrew Telling and Chloe Early.