Conor Harrington Unleashing Eat And Delete On New York City

Sep 24, 2014 9:19AM

The trailer for Conor Harrington's recent cinematic collaboration with London-based filmmaker Andrew Telling is here. The long-awaited short presents exclusive shots from Harrington's major new body of work and provides an initial taste of the full film, which is to be screened across the pond at the end of the week. Merging Harrington's renaissance re-enactments with Telling's pensive artistic direction, the seductive narrative encompasses themes intrinsic to the Eat And Delete series.

The full film will premiere Friday night at the launch of Eat And Delete and screen daily throughout the exhibition's running period.

Eat And Delete runs from Saturday 27th September to Saturday 4th October.

We can finally reveal the pop-up location for the exhibition is: Old Gym, 268 Mulberry Street, New York, 10012.