Jerome Lagarrigue: An artist who flawlessly connects fine art with riots, smoke bombs and more...

Mar 24, 2017 3:38PM

Jerome Lagarrigue’s exhibition, The Tipping Point, has been open for few weeks at Lazarides and the reaction has been something we simply didn’t expect. We had the pleasure of Jerome’s company at the start of the exhibition, an artist that could single handedly charm an entire room before they’ve even glanced at his beautiful work, and we’ve also had the sheer joy of walking past his pieces on the way to the offices on a daily basis.

''His images are in an almost impressionistic manner, using vivid colours and visible brush strokes. It makes me want to engage with his work every day. I would walk into the gallery, and it would make me lose all notion of time.''

It’s no surprise the exhibition has been flocked with visitors, with the inspiration behind it being so relevant in what are now the days of Donald Trump and Brexit. The artwork contains scenes of riots, smoke bombs and arrests but through Lagarrigue’s abstract lens you’ll be unable to place where the dramatic scenes are taking place. In a way, this is half of the beauty, it enables the viewer to come to their own conclusion, to place the artwork into their own world and decide what it means and what it stands for…

"It is impressing to see how Jerome is able to capture and represent such relevant themes of nowadays society, whilst also raising awareness in the people admiring his works"

Jerome’s artistic super-power has spread through everyone, from a passerby who pops in for a quick look to every single member of staff at Lazarides. When we originally spoke to Jerome he said “I want to provoke a feeling in the viewer. I want these paintings to raise questions rather than answers” and there’s no doubt that he has succeeded. Not only has his art been able to bring up questions in our minds, but it has also made the viewers start to realise that it is important to keep questioning things. Especially in a world where the media often blind-sites us.

“The exhibition is very topical, but at the same time because you can’t geographically place the images, it also shows you that we’re all in a similar boat. These types of things happen around the world but we only see what the media decide is prime-time TV”

The show runs until 13th April 2017 but its impact on the viewers will stay for a long time after that. Passion runs deeply throughout every single artwork that hangs on the wall, something so powerful you can almost hear the chaos. If there’s one thing to learn from the exhibition it’s that these paintings unite us as viewers to look at the world in a whole new light.

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