"Tropical Miscegenation" an Exhibition by Finok at Lazarides

Nov 23, 2016 5:36PM

It's not everyday that Brazil's culture is brought to London but Finok has managed to do that with his art. His first London solo exhibition will be showcased at Lazarides, London as our last exhibition of 2016!  

Calling all Londoners to put your cups of tea and coffee down and pick up a Caipirinha, today we want to take you to Brazil. Over the last couple of weeks Lazarides has been working with one of Brazil’s most talented emerging artists, Raphael Sagarra alias Finok. Born and raised in Sao Paolo and known for iconic palette of greens, this upcoming artist is hosting his first London exhibition at Lazarides, Rathbone Place.    

"Tropical Miscegenation" at Lazarides

The exhibition itself is titled “Tropical Miscegenation” and it’s Lazarides last show of 2016, so it’s one not to miss. For those of you without a dictionary to hand Miscegenation means the diversity of cultures, as explained by the artist when describing Brazil, “you see the miscegenation through the music, the beliefs, the culture and the gastronomy".

Every artist is different and Lazarides attracts the best of them but every time I meet an artist I ask myself the same question;“What makes an artist?”, do you decide? Is it just imprinted in your brain? Or can you wake up in the middle of the night with the surging urge to paint and a beautiful image in your head? I asked Finok for his insight:     

“I think all people are born artists, but with some it develops inside of them… For me the moment that changed [me as an artist] was when I started to ask myself about many things that I don’t agree with… I’m still developing it, still asking questions and still not agreeing with many things”. 

A glimpse into the artist’s style sits at Waterloo, a large-scale mural painting prior to his show going live, the piece features several faces and metallic paint that makes the art dance whenever a car’s headlight catches it. It makes you realize what a unique culture Brazil has, so what’s the difference London brings for Finok? “Almost everything in London is correct. Almost everything in Brazil isn’t correct. The mixing in Brazil, the incorrect way of life is what makes the Brazilian culture different”. 

Finok's Mural at Waterloo

Not only does he bring miscegenation to life in his artwork but he brings the cultural differences out in all of us when interpreting his work. When speaking about the exhibition he said: “The whole exhibition is telling a history that you need to see, and try to understand, or to make the history you think it is…”. 

Metallic paint features throughout the exhibition

The bottom line is for you to make up your own mind, to gauge your own feelings about the art and decide what history you see. The only way to see the exhibition is to visit Lazarides, Rathbone Place, it is open from the 25th November to 23rd December 2016 or if you simply can’t wait you can email [email protected] to RSVP to the private view on Thursday 24th November 6pm – 9pm. We hope to see you there!