Aug 28, 2014 12:03AM

We've finally started to gather material for the Antoni Pitxot Project, a short film that we have been outlining for a while. It was marked as TBD in our itinerary for this trip through Catalunya and the arrival at Cadaqués, and the direct contact with the art of this town that marked history, made it clear. We had to film the most important part of the documentary which of course, as any filmmaker out there knows, is the interview. Without interview there is no backbone, there is no story. For those of you who don't already know Antoni Pitxot is a Spanish painter who was a longtime friend and collaborator of Salvador Dalí. Pitxot was born into a family with many artists in its rank, among them, his uncle Ramon Pitxot. Today Pitxot lives in his family home in Cadaqués. He rarely gives interviews in the privacy of his home.Pitxot, is now exhibiting at the intimate Iturria art gallery in one of the streets of the town. Luckily we were introduced to his art dealer, Juan Risso. A young and sharp as a knife Uruguayan merchant, now son in law of the recognized painter, Ignacio Iturria. He in turn helped us get in touch with Pitxot. To our amazement Pitxot agreed to meet us at his home to have a chat with him in his workshop! We began by talking about his first experiments with surrealism and the stones of the coast that, like Dalí, inspired him to create his famous anthropomorphic compositions. Although the project is about Pitxot and his body of work, We spoke a lot about Dalí. As Pitxot himself said, he always ends up talking about his close childhood friend. So he traveled with us in time for a last walk by the master of surrealism who not only scarred him for life, but left him with an insatiable thirst and passion for his work.

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