LOVING: The Dirty Laundry Line

Legacy Russell
Oct 5, 2013 9:47AM

Art in Odd Places in New York City always brings exciting new things to the streets! 

Every year a group of artists (check out this year's line-up) are selected to present public projects, making use of the social and cultural milieu of NYC as inspiration. 

One of my favorites this year is a project by an artist named Tracee Worley (always psyched to hear about new artists for the first time!), a little something called "The Dirty Laundry Line" - New Yorkers can phone in their "dirty laundry" to a toll-free hotline and/or listen in on another local's recording. Love the toying and blurring of social lines, interactions and intimacy, voyeurism, and performativity. 

Read more about the project by clicking here

Legacy Russell