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Leo Gallery
Jul 30, 2019 10:44AM

Leo Gallery offers artist great opportunities to discover more possibilities in their art careers.

Artist Max Huckle & Martin Kähler finished their Residence Project in Zhujiajiao, Shanghai. Photo took in front of the food stand where Max and Martin stayed every night after work.

About the Resident Art Project of Leo Gallery

Supporting and encouraging emerging artists is the consistent aim of Leo Gallery, which is also the goal of launching this resident art project. As an international art centre based in China and Asia, Shanghai has a constantly booming art environment and sparking many inspirations. We hope to invite more domestic and international artists to participate in this project, sharing different insights and creating artist vitality.

The first Opening Day of Leo Gallery’s Artist Residency Programme also means that this project has been successfully launched. The project plans to invite domestic/international artists to Shanghai’s picturesque town Zhujiajiao, to create their work in locality, and to promote communication between them and the local artists, art institutions and residents.

Leo Gallery’s Artist Residency Programme sets up the collaborative platform for artists, art schools, and art institutions. Joining hands with Art Academy London, we have established "The Leo Gallery Shanghai Residency Prize" which aims at inspiring the outstanding graduates of Art Academy London every year.

Leo Gallery’s Artist Residency Programme provide the artists with:

1. Flexible and sufficient time of residency. Artists can choose the residence periods of three weeks, one month, two months or three months. Leo Gallery Shanghai provides the studio in Zhu Jiajiao.

2. Basic art facilities and encourages the artists to create freely.

3. A comfortable and cozy living environment, and enjoyable living facilities.

4. Opening Days are held by Leo Gallery after completion of the Programme, exhibiting the artistic achievements and creating the communication opportunities with the audiences.

Application requirements:

1. Have enough time to stay in Shanghai.

2. Create the works independently, and have the ability to adapt to different living environments.

For Registration:

Please email the following documents (with title "Registration for the Leo Gallery Artist Residency Programme - Your Name" ) to: [email protected]

1. Cover Letter with the Plan of the Residency Programme.

2. CV and Personal Introduction (please include detailed contact information).

3. No more than 20 representative works, with images and the texts in a PDF document (no more than 20M).

4. Other references.

Click link below to see more works from Max & Martin while their stay in Shanghai.


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