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Leo Gallery
Sep 4, 2019 9:19AM

“New Idol” has created a new "idol"- Art Shenzhen 2019 - Duration / September 12-15, 2019

Zhao Yiqian’ solo project in Art Shenzhen

Leo Gallery is thrilled to present artist Zhao Yiqian’s “New Idol”, an art project since 2017, in Art Shenzhen 2019. The all-black booth design, along with the “New Idol” series which combines with various materials and creation techniques, turning Leo Gallery’s booth into a spiritual theatre for discovering love and faith.

Zhao Yiqian / NEW IDOL / Coloured Copper Installation / Edition:16 Height:230cm 2019

Originally, "Idol" was created by human beings, in order to enter a spiritual paradise where the unsettling can be settled and the unavoidable can be avoided. However, after the industrial revolution, the leap of productivity brought about the rise of individualism. The gods are forgotten, and consumption has become the new Eden. Purchasing leads to satisfaction, and entertainment stimulates the senses.

Zhao Yiqian / NEW IDOL / Digital Print on Aluminum-Plastic Panel / Edition:10 150x120 cm 2018

The spiritual beliefs that has lasted for centuries, the cartoon images of the era of consumption…Zhao Yiqian appropriates and superimposes these spiritual symbols of different era, creating a brand new “Idol” - New Idol. The “New Idol” not only subverts the image of “God” in the Middle Ages in the traditional cognition, but also breaks the idolatry of the era of consumption, which has become a brand-new image and creation series against the current trend.

Zhao Yiqian / NEW IDOL/Sculpture: Stainless Steel Height : 65cm Weight: 10kg 2019

In the works, a digital photo work of “New Idol” is particularly special. It is not just a simple photo reproduction, but the beginning of the entire New Idol series, recording the birth of the image. The “New Idol” image is made with modern 3D technology and classical art language which makes it multiple metaphors of spirit and faith: a sleek and lovely shape, a shoulder that is bearing a heavy burden, Mickey’s toes struggling in pain and his obese body, bringing a power of radiance and ascending. The black monumental base of classicistic shape offers the work a kind of ritual and memorial power.

Zhao Yiqian / Guidance / Cloured Copper Installation / Height: 100cm Weight: 10kg 2019

The artist uses the new image of "New Idol" to express his own attitude. If divinity is all about restraint and equality, and consumption is all about the gap between the rich and the poor, is it true that contemporary people really don’t need spiritual idols? Behind the seemingly interesting face of "New Idol" is the affirmation of forbearance, redemption and love. It is more like a manifesto: Do we need a new idol, or a new kind of vision at present?

NEW IDOL / Installation: Neon Light on Acrylic Panel / Edition: 6 120x160 cm 2019

Now, artist Zhao Yiqian used the work "new idol" to create a new "idol", as he appropriated Mickey Mouse's image to express his own attitude.Mickey Mouse, this classic figure from Disney, helped the American people out of the low tide and thus became the spiritual sustenance of a generation in the Great Depression of the last century.In this work, the artist applied classical sculptural language to change Mickey's sleek and lovely shape, and offered him a shoulder that is bearing a heavy burden. Mickey’s toes struggling in pain and his obese body express his own forbearance, redemption and affirmation of love.

Zhao Yiqian / NEW IDOL / Silver Silk Screen Print / Edition: 150 76x56 cm 2018

Zhao Yiqian /NEW IDOL / Gold / Silk Screen Print / Edition:150 76x56 cm 2018

About the Artist

Artist Zhao Yiqian

1982 Born in Shenyang, Liao Ning Province, China

2006 Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing,

China Work and live in Beijing

Selected Solo Exhibition

2019 Art Chengdu, Chengdu, China

2018 Neo-Classical interpretation of Minimalism, SU Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2016 Deja-vu ,leo gallery ,HongKong,China

2015 Deja-vu ,Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

Selected Group Exhibitions:


PLEASANCE,Barn for Contemporary Art,ShenZhen,China

Allegory,Triumph Art Space,Beijing, China


Non image-Narrative movement,21th century Shanghai Art Museum

“A beautiful New World”— The 2nd NJIAF (2015) Exhibition, Nanjing International Exhibition Center, Nanjing, China

WITHIN SIGHT- Chinese new Painting At Post Financlal Criss Era, Foundation Taylor, Paris, French

BLOW-UP Chinese new Painting At Post Financlal Criss Era, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing, China


Premio Terna,Rome, Italy

Selected Collections:

White Rabbit Gallery,Sydney, Australia

M+ Museum of visualculture,Hong Kong,China

Uli Sigg, Switzerland

Liu Gang, China

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Zhao Yiqian 趙一淺
new idol, 2019
Leo Gallery

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