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Leo Gallery
Aug 20, 2019 6:41AM

Come say Hi! 24 Works from 14 artists will be displayed. August 29-31, 2019, Beijing.

Leo Gallery will be at Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2019

Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2019-August 29-31,

Display Works

Cai Dongdong
Bullfighting, 2018
Leo Gallery
Cai Dongdong
Three little girls, 2017
Leo Gallery

Cai Dongdong (born in 1978, graduated from the Beijing Film Academy) whose works are different from the general image production, which aim to de-construct and re-construct the operational mechanism of the medium of photography. He quits being an image producer and stands on the side of the viewer, reflects on the complexity and absurdity of image viewing, and starts working with images that already exist in reality.

  • Mou Huan

Mou Huan, Space, oil on canvas, 60x60cm, 2009

Mou Huan, Events(1), Oil on canvas, 120x150cm, 2010

Mou Huan, Events(2), Oil on canvas, 120x150cm, 2010

Mou Huan, Events(3), Oil on canvas, 120x150cm, 2010

Mou Huan (born in 1959, graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and Dusseldorf Art Academy, Germany) studied with Joerg Immendorff, the world-renowned neo-expressionist art master. Treading between the Chinese and the Western cultures, he has been influenced by the profound heritage in Chinese art as well as German neo-expressionism. With both influence expressed in his painting, his works are characterized by grand narrative, existence and nihility, and poetic temperament in the deep

  • Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing

Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing, Uplifting the Stage, Cloth, 125x73x93cm, 2013

Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing, There is Always a Higer Peak, Cloth, 127.5x65x181cm, 2019

Ji Wenyu (born in 1959) & Zhu Weibing (born in 1971) as the former turned from painting to soft sculpture creation, he found the challenge and breakthrough for himself in the use of “cloth”. In the soft sculpture work he collaborates with his wife Zhu Weibing in which cloth is used as the main material, crowds of “humanoid puppet” create daily dramatic scenes, through which the faces of modern society are vividly reflected.

  • Yan Bo

Yan Bo, Untitled 2019 5, Mixed Media on Linen Board, 122x122cm, 2019

Yan Bo, Untitled 2019 6, Mixed Media on Linen Board, 123x123cm, 2019

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  • Max Huckle

Max Huckle, Prologue, Oil Pastel, Charcoal on Linen, 50 x 40 cm, 2018

Max Huckle, End Of Land, Oil Pastel, Charcoal on Linen, 50 x 40 cm, 2018

Max Huckle, Over Overwriting, Oil Pastel, Charcoal on Linen, 50 x 40 cm,2018

Max Huckle (born in 1987, graduated from the State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, Germany) creates works led by an instinctive and intuitive perception, breaking the contemporary cognition of art which is highly confined to academia, pursuing freedom with contemporary techniques. He has always been pursuing a line that would stop the world. The way he paints is the same as what people sees in his paintings, rapid and energetic, with the momentum of an avalanche on the whole. However, there is always such a line, a pen or a gesture in between that makes time stop all of a sudden.

  • Fung Lik-yan Kevin

Fung Lik-yan Kevin, c Summation of Choices c, Painted Bronze, 25 x 80 x 215 cm, Edition of 2, 2011

Kevin Fung Lik-yan (born in 1964) has decided to devote fully to his art after spending years in his trained profession of engineering. He obtained the Diploma of Contemporary Sculpture from University of Hong Kong, followed by his studies with the renowned sculptor Tong King Sum. In recent years, his creation has been gradually expanded from woodcarving to diverse materials. His works focus on the living condition of the urban middle class, and the challenges and pressure they face. Encountered with the rapid development of modern cities, the artist tries to find the core values of life in between.

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  • Li Yiwen

Li Yiwen, Wave Motion, Acrylic on canvas, 150×170cm, 2018

Li Yiwen, Cold Light-4, Acrylic on canvas, 150×170cm, 2014-18

Li Yiwen (born in 1982, graduated from the Mural Painting Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts) whose pursuit of aesthetic taste is closely related with his personal artistic experience. He casts his keen perception of art on his reading interest in art theory, engraving, physics and philosophy, yet he has the characteristics of the new generation of Chinese artists in the Internet era. Li Yiwen’s creation in recent years focuses on presenting “time” through painting. He extracted it as “the third kind of time”, which is the time about perception, in which memory, intuition, experience and feeling interinfiltrated and coagulated in his paintings.

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  • Yuan Keru

Yuan Keru, Fleeting strangers, 4-screen video installation, 2017

In "STORY", the special curatorial unit in this year’s Beijing Contemporary, Leo Gallery artist Yuan Keru joined in with his work Fleeting Strangers, a four-screen installation. Her work is formed of four stories crossing the fractured time streams and spatial dimensions. With the internal complex logical relationship, the emotional connection, the revelation and the ending, his work shows the speculation of the young generation of young Chinese artists.

  • Liu Zhengyong

Liu Zhengyong, The Mountains.Hidden Huntress, Oil on canvas, 110x90cm, 2019

Liu Zhengyong (born in 1980, graduated from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts) whose paintings use the body as a clue to explore the human memory and history from an individual perspective. His paintings are full of primitive power, eulogizing the body's instinct and highlighting the perception of the body through the thickness and power of the expressive colours, in which the connections between light and darkness, consciousness and body, emotion and energy are created.

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  • Dai Yun

Dai Yun, Sofa, Red Brick, Cement, Concrete Iron, 70 x 70 x 75 cm, 2016

Meanwhile, in the public art unit “WONDER” in this year’s Beijing Contemporary, the work “Sofa” created by Leo Gallery artist Dai Yun is a special artistic interpretation of public art. Through removing the externalized visual elements and thus making the essential structure of the building exposed before people, the artist makes it the main body of the sculpture. With the strong contrast of the bony material and the physical beauty it creates, the work brings out the fantastic synaesthesia and artistic language.

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  • 原田透 Tøru Harada

原田透 Tøru Harada, Karuda, Metal, 82.2 x 47 x 43.3 cm, 2018

Tøru Harada(born in 1980, Japan, graduated from the Art Department of Kyushu Sangyo University) has the free and bald creating style. He is good at discovering the mediums and inspirations of creation from the street. With the stylized use of living materials, minimal structure and thick lines, he works are infused with fun.

  • Wu Ding

Wu Ding, A plane without flat surface No.1, Archival Inkjet Print, 101.6*101.6cm(40*40inch), 2012

Wu Ding (born in 1982, graduated from the Fine Arts College of Shanghai Normal University and the China Academy of Art) whose photographic works continuously pay attention to the “intrinsic order” in time and space. With both rationality and sensibility, his work has an art aesthetics of pureness and restraint.

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  • Shiau Jon Jen

Shiau Jon Jen, Turning Series, Camphor wood, 32x23x152cm, 2008

Shiau Jon Jen (born in 1954 graduated from Département arts plastiques, Université de Paris VIII) has studied from the modern art sculptor Ju Ming. Using camphorwood as the medium, his works evolved from the initial concern of nature, then developed to the use of landscape as a metaphor of emotion like the mental state of Chinese literati, during which process he poured the humanity in the creation of the abstract woodcarving.

  • Wu Houting

Wu Houting, Gap, Plaster, 43.5x25x18.6cm, 2019

Wu Houting, Gap, Plaster, 435mmx250mmx186mm, 2019

Wu Houting (born in 1985) has been recently exploring the relationship among matters. Not simply recreating parallel space, he creates his works with meticulous design, integration and reconstruction, polish and moulding. Therefore, the final installation works he presented are the reconstructed and unpredictable spatial entities.

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