【Artists Archive】- Tan Ping’s Exhibition "The Certainty of Uncertainty" in Leo Gallery Hong Kong

Leo Gallery
Aug 1, 2019 9:24AM

"The Certainty of Uncertainty" Tan /Curator: Huang Du/Duration: 2017.3.20-2017.5.4

|The Certainty of Uncertainty"

The Certainty of Uncertainty exhibition is curated by Chinese renowned independent curator Huang Du, exhibiting works by Tan Ping, a Chinese pioneer of abstract art. His works will be unveiled for the first time in Asia at Leo Gallery Hong Kong after the exhibition in Museum Helmhaus Zürich, Switzerland.

'The exhibition consists of many uncertain factors. I have made hypothesis regarding this exhibition and I wish to find out the true and valuable connection point between my works and Leo Gallery. To me, it is challenging and its challenge is based on the decision I will make when positioning myself at Leo Gallery.' - Tan Ping

Artist Tan Ping in the Opening Talk, Leo Gallery, 2017, Hong Kong

Tan Ping, artist, educator, vice president of Chinese National Academy of Arts. He graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1984, studied in Germany in the late 1980s' and received a master's degree and a Meisterschule degree. He also was the honorary doctor of Kingston University, dean of the Design Institute of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and vice president of CAFA. He is regarded as the leading figure of Chinese abstract art, the pioneer of the contemporary Chinese art design discipline and the promoter of Chinese experimental art discipline. In the 40 years' art practice, Tan Ping demonstrates extraordinarily artist talent in painting, printmaking, multimedia, design and so on, in his continuous changes and his creation full of tension, many important points of contemporary art were run through consistently.

His works are collected by major galleries and museums in China and abroad, including the National Art Museum of China, Shanghai Art Museum, Today Art Museum, Portland Art Museum, Museum Ludwig, Kolding Museum of Modern Art and Arizona State University Art Museum, etc.

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