【Leo Gallery丨New Exhibition】Mou Huan Solo Exhibition - Opening November 5

Leo Gallery
Nov 1, 2019 6:43AM

Mou Huan Solo Exhibition

Opening Day丨4-6pm, November 5


Leo Gallery Shanghai

Venue丨Wukang Road 376,Xuhui District, Shanghai

Leo Gallery Shanghai is honoured to present the solo exhibition of Mou Huan this November. The exhibition focuses on the most representative works of the artist in recent years.

Mou Huan graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1986 and studied at Dusseldorf Academy of Fine Arts in Germany from 1997 to 2000. During the same period 1996-1998, he was supported by the DAAD Art Foundation and the Freeman Art Foundation,and participated in artist residencies. He currently lives and works in Dusseldorf, Germany and Shanghai, China. His works have been exhibited many times in Chinese and international art spaces, including the Chinese Culture Centre in Berlin, the Museum of Modern Art in Valencia, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, etc.

太平洋 / The Pacific Ocean,布面丙烯 / Acrylic on Canvas,120 x 150cm,2010

According to Martin Heidegger: The world grasped as picture. As the most representative approach of expression in the image world, painting provides an immersive space for the viewer. People can realize the stagnation of time, the mixture of space and the alienation of human beings from Mou Huan's paintings.

In Mou Huan's artworks, the colour bulk formed by light and shadow appears on the paper, and the visual difference caused by diverse tone seems to freeze time. Abstract painting language is accompanied by strong narrative ability. The artwork concentrates on the top of the cooling tower, the moment of plant withering, the moment of disaster...

冷却塔 1 / Cooling Tower No 1, 布面丙烯 / Acrylic on canvas, 220x180cm, 2016

The hazy images create a mysterious atmosphere of multiple dimensions. With the rapid development of contemporary society, the conflicts between people and environment, energy, animals and plants are becoming increasingly acute, and these have become the theme of the artist's creation. What is behind the abstract pictorial representation is the reality of current society. The key of visual decoding is the contrast between the light, the dark of the image and the virtual metaphor formed by the outline seemingly dissolved in the background: The idea of translating the language of painting into the real world.

一触即发 / Be Triggered at Any Moment, 布面油画 / Oil on Canvas,80 x 100cm, 2010

In this industrial era with the high-speed economic growth, differences between individuals gradually disappear. In the work “made in China”, for example, the artist may intend to express not only the object, but also the human. The grey colour and the dull brushwork allude to a melancholy mode of life, as the isolation equipment is not only the distance between people and items, as well as the relationship between people. The modularity of the image leaves the viewer with an infinite amount of substitution. Mou Huan's Works deconstruct social reality into fragmented moments: It explains people's life statuses with his unique drawing skill, arousing the viewer's emotional resonance.

事件(1)/ Event (1), 布面丙烯 / Acrylic on Canvas,120 x 150cm,2010

Mou Huan devotes himself to discussing the relationship between man and space, as well as man and nature from various dimensions. If his early work focused on the contrast between Chinese tradition and modernity, after his trip to Germany he began to use an abstract approach to his concerns about the reality, the environment and humanism itself.

山水(1)/ Landscape(1),布面丙烯 / Acrylic on Canvas,120 x 150cm,2012

Other Selected Works

葛洲坝 / Gezhouba Dam,布面丙烯 / Acrylic on Canvas,60 x 70cm,2012

无题 / Untitiled,布面油画 / Oil on Canvas,90 x 100cm,2012

诱惑 Temptation,布面丙烯 Acrylic on Canvas,180x200cm,2008

2014 No.2 ,布面油画 Oil on Canvas,150x135 cm,2014

雨季 Rainy Season,布面丙烯 Acrylic on Canvas,180x200cm,2008

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