My Highlights from Design Miami/ Basel 2014

Leslie Williamson
Jun 9, 2014 10:39PM

As with everything I do, I made my selection from what I absolutely loved. All are from designers whose work I admire and in some cases follow, and each piece is something that I could see myself living with for years and years. Or in the case of the Jeanneret/Prouvé house live in for years and years. They are things that would weave into the fabric of anyone’s home to give it a bit more of their own special flavor.

My Selection:

Rowan MershPlacuna Phoenix 2014, 2014, at Gallery FUMI

"Placuna Phoenix 2014", 2014
Gallery FUMI

Joseph-André MotteTripode armchair, 1949, at Galerie Pascal Cuisinier

Valentine SchlegelBird Jug Base, 1958, at Thomas Fritsch-ARTRIUM

Adolf LoosPair of hanging lamps, ca. 1901, at Yves Macaux

Pierre SzékelyFree standing bar, ca. 1950, at Magen H Gallery

Free standing bar, ca. 1950
Magen H Gallery
Daybed, ca. 1955
Galerie Downtown - François Laffanour
Leslie Williamson