Liffey Speller
Jul 18, 2013 10:46PM

Salt on mixed media body


“While their perfect forms appear lifeless, they suggest life because they ‘grow’ and move. Even as ‘corpses’ they function as physical reminders of life” Mark Cheetham, The Crystal Interface

This work addresses the temporality of our bodies and the possibility of an endless continuum of life.

Healing and preservation are two of the many uses for salt. In this case it not only serves as the preserver but also as the crystal; healing and regenerating something new out of something that has been destroyed.

Life and death are closely intertwined and it is through this piece that I explore the transience of our existence alongside the fragility of the body. My fears of the finality of death are put to question using the regenerative quality of the crystal and the healing properties of salt.

Liffey Speller