Liffey Speller
Jul 18, 2013 10:43PM

Burnt hair, resin, chain


The pendulum is used as a form of divination, a way of searching for answers.

The use of my burnt hair in the pendulum weight serves as a channel for my body in the searching process. Burning breaks something down to its simplest form-ash- and in this way it becomes an uncluttered source for the pendulum to draw upon rather than having to sift through the confusion of the human mind.

This work is representative of the search for direction, hoping to find some guidance in the course that life should take.

The force of gravity is pulling the pendulum down towards the earth and causes the swinging movement. It is with this outside force that the answers we seek can be found. The universe, to which we are all connected via our most basic makeup, is helping to find the answers and guidance that we so desperately need sometimes.

Liffey Speller