The Earth withers, the Moon Crumbles and One by One Stars Flutter Into Dust

Liffey Speller
Jul 18, 2013 10:49PM

Mixed media; handmade butterflies of paper, wire and ink

85cm x 70cm x 27cm



In Greek the word ‘psyche’ means soul. The ancient Greek goddess of the soul, also named Psyche, had the wings of a butterfly. Her life was full of passions and misfortunes but through these trials she adapted, changed and learned and was able to overcome these hardships.

Through this work I am questioning my ideas on spirituality and life after death through examination of the symbolic qualities of the humble butterfly. They reflect the transformations we go through during our lives as well as the transitory nature of our being.

Death is inevitable but while our bodies may decay maybe, as the Ancient Greeks believed, our souls can live on to continue their journeys on the wings of a butterfly.

Liffey Speller