My Highlights from PULSE Miami Beach 2014

Lindsay Howard
Nov 25, 2014 2:33AM

PULSE Miami Beach is back in a big way this year. The fair is relaunching with a new beachfront exhibition space on Indian Park Beach in mid-Miami Beach, where it will integrate emerging and established galleries, along with experimental projects and arts organizations. This year’s curated list of artists includes some of the most exciting talent in contemporary art. Here are seven of my top picks.

My Selection:

Amelia Bauer, For a Man to Attract a Woman He Desires, 2013, at De Soto Gallery 

Jessica Lichtenstein, After Glow, 2013, at gallery nine5   

Alexandra Gorczynski, Loops, 2014, at Zhulong Gallery        

Jessica Lichtenstein, Lush, 2013, at gallery nine5   

Carlos Ferraris, I’m no longer obsessed with winning, 2013, at LYNCH THAM       

Alexander Kroll, Dragon Location, 2014, at James Harris Gallery          

Erika Ranee, John, 2010, at LMAK Projects 

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Lindsay Howard