Lisa Norris Gallery
Oct 23, 2018 1:10PM

Jin Eui Kim and Daniel Mullen One Ceramicist and One Painter

Daniel Mullen, Emergence 1 and 2, acrylic on canvas, 170 x 120 cm, £7,200


This exhibition brings together two awe-inspiring artists whose works explores perceptual experience, the parameters of illusion and reality and how our eyes react to visual effects, with breathtaking results.

Jin Eui Kim, Opject Inversion VI, 2018, Earthenware, 1120c wheel-thrown and brushed 18 different tones of engobes, D 16 x H 45.5cm, £5,000


Daniel Mullen'spaintings concern both real and imagined architectural spaces which he explores through a seductive, visual language of colour and shape. He creates these striking architectural structures through the build up of multiple layers of paint and subtle gradations of tone and hue. Cleverly, he still maintains a mesmerizing sense of weightlessness and translucence. He cites the influence of the De Stijl movement, specifically the architect Gerrit Rietveld and the painter, Piet Mondrian.

Daniel Mullen, 16th-17th, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 170 x 150 cm £6,400

Daniel Mullen is based in Amsterdam but originally from Glasgow. He graduated in 2011 with a BFA from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. He has exhibited internationally including in London, Vancouver, New York, Miami, Sao Paulo and most recently with a museum show in Berlin. He was nominated for the Buning Brongers prize for painting in 2012, the Dutch Royal Prize for Painting in 2014, and most recently was shortlisted for the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2017.

JIN EUI KIM, OPject Trapezoid Form, 2018, Earthenware, 1120c wheel-thrown and brushed 18 different tones of engobes, D 23.8 x H 16cm £ 550


Opjects are three dimensional ceramic pieces that explore how our perception can be manipulated by tonal bands applied to a surface. The gradient of tone, or the width of a band of tone and even the interval between the bands can significantly influence our visual experience. His process of painting the ceramic pieces with a specially modified calligraphy brush, on a moving wheel, is painstakingly precise. He has described how even his heartbeat can be a distraction when painting. This level of passion results in works that are both visually and intellectually challenging and breathtakingly beautiful.

Jin Eui Kim is an internationally renowned ceramic artist based in Cardiff but originally from South Korea. He graduated with a MA and PhD in Ceramics from the Cardiff School of Art and Design. With an extensive C.V., Jin Eui Kim’s work has been seen across the world, exhibiting relentlessly he has scooped up several awards most recently with the Emmanuel Cooper Prize at Ceramic Art London this year. The Manchester Art Gallery and The National Museum of Wales have both purchased his works for their permanent collections.


Architects of Illusion will open on November 8th and continue through December 15th 2018.

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