An Artsy Liaison’s Five Questions For: The Andy Warhol Museum

Liz Luna
Mar 8, 2013 12:11AM

Walking around The Armory Show 2013, it is clear that Andy Warhol is still in high demand—the artist's work and influence abound. This year Warhol's presence is further augmented by The Andy Warhol Museum's involvement in the fair—Director Eric Shiner has curated the Armory Focus: USA section and on Pier 94, the Museum is exhibiting a limited edition portfolio of prints that take the infamous artist as subject. I spoke to Deputy Director, Patrick Moore, about his experience at The Armory Show 2013 and the enduring allure of Warhol. 

Liz Luna: How would you describe the atmosphere at The Armory Show so far this year? 

Patrick Moore: The Armory always feels like the “serious” fair where I see the people I've worked with for 20 or 30 years. Yes, it's great that there are new artists, dealers, and collectors. But The Armory Show hasn't lost the feeling of tradition.

LL: Can you highlight some of the works from the Warhol Museum booth?

PM: The Warhol Museum is proud to present a benefit edition containing five previously unpublished portraits of Warhol by William John Kennedy. All five show an intimate side of Warhol but I have two favorites. In a black and white image, we see Warhol in his Silver Factory holding the Marilyn acetate in front of him with sunlight streaming in. We see Warhol's face through that of his idol and icon, Marilyn. In a color image, Kennedy photographs Warhol in a field of flowers with one of his freshly minted Flower paintings behind him. Warhol looks like a boyish college student with his life in front of him.

LL: In recent years, The Armory Show has received upwards of 60,000 visitors to Piers 92 and 94, and this year the fair is accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Why is this broad audience important to the Warhol Museum as a non-profit? 

PM: Our mission is to be the global keeper of Warhol's legacy so our goal is to reach the broadest possible audience.

LL: I know that a lot of planning goes into participating in an art fair of this scale. Can you tell us briefly about how your institution decides to participate in a fair? 

PM: The Warhol participates in fairs where we feel we can keep the profile of the museum high while being fiscally responsible. The Armory's support of non-profits makes this possible.

LL: What is your favorite part of partaking in an art fair? 

PM: My favorite part of being in a fair is to witness the unending public and professional fascination with Warhol. Amazingly, everyone has a Warhol story and wants to be a part of his legacy.

Liz Luna