Shanghai Longmen Art Projects Celebrates its 3-Year Anniversary and Relocation

Jeffrey Lee
Oct 7, 2013 1:09PM

October 2013 marks the 3-year anniversary of the establishment of Shanghai Longmen Art Projects, and with the success and growth of our business, we will relocate to the heart of Shanghai’s cultural epicenter – Tian An Centre, No. 338 Nanjing West Road, a modern office tower adjacent to Renmin Park, home for the Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater, and Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA). We are excited for the opportunity to further the cultural development of this area by creating a more direct link between contemporary life in the bustling metropolis and Shanghai’s unique cultural landscape.

This autumn, Longmen Art Projects’ new space has been carefully divided into three exhibition areas, and will be unveiled to the public on October 11th.

1. Walasse Ting Gallery & Archives: Selected Records from the Walasse Ting Archives and Exhibition of Blue Sky in My Heart

2. Contemporary Gallery: Auspicious Beasts and Three Marks – Exhibition of 2013 Huang Zhiyang Sculptures & Paintings

3. Gallery of Represented Artists: Timeless Contemporary - Recent Works by YE Yongqing, LI Lei, Heshang · GAO Huijun, HE Sen, YU Jie, LIN Hairong, LUO Dan

Exhibition Dates: October 11- November 30, 2013 Tue–Sat 10:00AM–6:30PM

Venue: Longmen Art Projects: Suite 102, Tian An Centre, No. 338 Nanjing W. Rd.

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Jeffrey Lee