Galeria SENDA presents Rosell Meseguer at LOOP14

LOOP Barcelona
May 16, 2014 2:41PM

Rosell Meseguer
SLHS-Tamarugal, 2006-2014
Single channel, HD video, color, sound
With the support of Matadero Madrid (2007) and the Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports of Spain


Presented by Galeria SENDA (Barcelona) at #LOOP14

 “Reinhart Koselleck once said, that from a certain point in time every historical event inevitably becomes history. This assertion contains various layers of meaning, probably the most important of which is the insight that temporal distance from historical happenings, which are afterwards singled out as “events” bring about a metamorphosis in the status of what has happened because of changes in the way it is received and categorized. It is not just that in the course of time the emotional involvement in an event volatilizes, while our knowledge about the course it took expands, thus enriching its cognitive effect for us, but sooner or later that event codifies itself as a conglomerate of key concepts and iconic images, a process that leads to a reception of what has been that creates an ideology and gradually adopts the position of a former memory of historical details” Rosell Meseguer.

 Rosell Meseguer was born in 1976, in Orihuela in Cartagena, Spain. She Lives and works in Madrid.

LOOP Barcelona