N2 Galería is presenting Paupac Azul in LOOP Barcelona

LOOP Barcelona
May 15, 2014 5:20PM

Paupac AzulTu-yo-y-ello / It-you-and-me 2014Single channel, HD video, color, sound

Presented at #LOOP14 by N2 Galería, Barcelona

What do you want and what are you willing to give for it. Why do we give into another’s desire or command? Limits are messy and moody by nature. This is a behaviour experiment. The assembly of some cardboard boxes (PAPPIS model by Ikea) draws a profile on the human being as a social being. To assemble them effectively it is necessary to act in pairs, two by two. The key is finding a common speed in the chain of gestures: proceeding at the same time. A neutral object is charged with significance due to its purpose and the act of observing it: the powerful action of watching gives meaning. Rhythm as the great unifier. Lack of rhythm, its consequences. Changes. Influence. Isn’t that what life, love and power is all about? We are just asking.

Paupac Blue was born in June 2011. It’s a collective formed by Paula Susaeta and Paco Trinidad both from Madrid.


LOOP Barcelona