NextLevel Galerie is presenting Hugo Aveta at LOOP14

LOOP Barcelona
May 15, 2014 5:31PM

Hugo Aveta
Ritmos primarios, la subversión del alma, 2014
8’11’’ Single channel, HD video, color, sound

 Presented by NextLevel Galerie (Paris) at #LOOP14

In an evocation, which refuses oblivion, Hugo Aveta looks back on events from December 2001 in Buenos Aires. He proceeds into one selective appropriation of images extract from documentary films. These represent the mass protests that shook Argentina during the crisis that lead to the fall of the constitutional government and the beginning of a new era marked by a deeply polarised society, both ideologically and economically. Seizing this material, Hugo Aveta has made this video, photographing disappearance of images which, projected on a canvas covers of a photosensitive emulsion, were visible only during few seconds. In this construction-deconstruction work, photogram after photogram, Hugo Aveta restores the memory mechanism.

Hugo Aveta was born in 1965 in Córdoba (Argentina). He lives and works in Argentina.

LOOP Barcelona