inhabiting the process_Mercedes Lara

Lucia Mendoza
Sep 12, 2019 3:52PM

Next Thursday, September 12th, we will open the second solo exhibition by Mercedes Lara. Under the title inhabiting the process, the show will take place within the framework of APERTURA MADRID GALLERY WEEKEND 2019, and it is articulated based on three main ideas of the artist's career: time, space and light.

From a point of view of the contemporary practice, Lara's work constitutes a response to the artist's own concerns and is at the same time a metaphor for a collective concern: our way of occupying space and time, of inhabiting processes marked by continuous change, the adjusted rhythm, the constant movement. Light, color, shapes, a miscelanea of elements and materials configure a personal and easily recognizable language that faces from the traditional and multidisciplinary to a personal vision on the passage of time and the expansion in space. All of this, from a creation process that, beyond methods or disciplines, adapts to the needs of each work to give rise to a particular cartography; a way back and forth in which our thinking grows in a certain space and time: the present.

On view until November 9th, 2019.

The catalogue of the exhition is available, and it includes the prologue written by art critic and curator Fernando Castro Flórez.

“These fascinating dwellings inhabited by the luminous works of Mercedes Lara are a genuine gift that remind us that poetry is precisely what we lack, but, above all else, it compels us to adopt the ever-changing nature of our identity, basking on reflections as unsettling as familiar. It is a process that accounts for what we are. “

Bio_Mercedes Lara

Mercedes Lara (Daimiel, 1967) is graduated in Fine Arts from Complutense University in Madrid. Her artistic career began with the Interferences exhibition, which took place in the Contemporary Space of the Toledo Archive. Her work has been exhibited at the Centro de Arte Tomás y Valiente in Fuenlabrada, at the Daimiel Regional Museum in Ciudad Real, as well as in the Furnace Hall of the Citadel in Pamplona. She was part of the Almagro Festival in 2017. Mercedes has participated in international group exhibitions, highlighting her presence in Japan on numerous occasions and in London. Her work has been part of international fairs such as Art Miami and Art New York.

Mercedes Lara's work is part of the Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts of the Principality of Asturias, the Academy of Spain in Rome, or the Abrons Art Center in New York. In addition, throughout her career she has won different awards and recognitions such as the Wellintong Foundation Acquisition Award in 2007.

Lucia Mendoza