Some of us chose Lonely St.

Lucy Redoglia
Feb 14, 2013 9:25PM

Like many women in NYC, I'm the quintessential almost-thirty single lady. While many of my friends back home (and even a few in the city) are not only happily settled in a relationship, but sporting diamond rings and growing humans in their bellies, I remain unattached. And not for lack of trying(ish). 

These works illustrate for me what it means to be out in the world (and more specifically in New York), on my own, waiting for love to come along.

It's been well documented that New York is one of the worst places for "dating" as it is traditionally defined, so in choosing to live here, I'm at least partially at fault for my solitude; though I seriously don't think there's anything wrong with being single and independent—quite the contrary, I truly enjoy it! Only I have hopes and dreams of finding love and romance... someday. 

Lucy Redoglia