Federico Solmi Wins Best Artist at Frankfurt B3 Biennial

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles
Nov 18, 2015 3:32AM

October 16, 2015  -   Luis De Jesus Los Angeles is very pleased to announce that FEDERICO SOLMI has been awarded the BEN main prize for Best Artist at the 2015 Frankfurt B3 Biennial of the Moving Image, in Frankfurt, Germany. Solmi received the award for his spectacular and audacious new, hand-painted animated video portrait series, The Brotherhood -- a collection of feared leaders and beloved mythical figures that shaped the world. Solmi parodies the iconography of historical portraiture with his own absurd portraits of members of The Brotherhood, whose goal is to keep global chaos alive and to promote the degeneration of human race right up to the present day.

Other artists participating in the Biennial include William Kentdrige, Laurie Anderson, Gary Hill, and Lynn Hershman Leeson, among many others.

The BEN, the B3 Biennale of the Moving Image award, recognizes both established and younger artists participating in the program of the Biennial who deal with innovative forms of new narrative techniques in their work. In addition to FedericoSolmi, others honored at this year's Biennial include Yves Netzhammer (Switzerland) for "The present is looking for her mouth in the reflection of the soup ", John Gerrard (Ireland) for "Exercise" and Kate Cooper (Great Britain), who received the Young Innovator Award. This year, the British multimedia artist Brian Eno received the B3 honorary BEN for lifetime achievement award.Federico Solmi's next presentation at  Luis De Jesus Los Angeles will occur in 2016.

Luis De Jesus Los Angeles